Light a Virtual Candle and send your Prayer to St. Anthony

Take a moment and light a virtual candle to ask St. Anthony to intercede for your prayer intentions, to thank him for a grace received or in memory of a loved one.

You will see your light shines out next to those of the other devotees of the great family of St. Anthony.

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St. Anthony is close to all of us: light your virtual candle now

St. Anthony has always been close to his devotees who confidently entrust their hopes to him.

Light a Virtual Candle to entrust him with your intention, to thank him or to remember those who are no longer here.

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Millions of devotees from all over the world every year turn to St. Anthony to seek hope and find the strength to face the difficulties of every day.

Light a Virtual Candle now: we Friars of the Basilica of Padua will pray with you so that your prayer reaches St. Anthony who has always watched over us and protected our loved ones.